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    Toolset 9.1 now available!

    mark wiggans

       We are pleased to announce  the general availability of Engineer’s Toolset v9.1 and Standard Toolset v9.1

      n       Automatic  Upgrades to v9.1


      n       NEW! NetFlow  Configurator tool

      Provides an easy to use interface  for remotely configuring (using SNMP) NetFlow v5 on supported Cisco devices,  including the following settings:

      ·         Collectors – IP  addresses of machines that should be sent NetFlow data. For example, you might  configure your Toolset machine IP address as a collector and Orion NTA server IP  address as another collector.

      ·         Ports – Ports on  which collectors will be listening.  You can configure different ports for each  collector IP address.

      ·         Enable Ingress/Egress per  Interface – Ingress = capture NetFlow  statistics on inbound traffic; Egress = capture NetFlow statistics on outbound  traffic.   It is important to note that only NetFlow Realtime in Toolset will  make use of enabling both Ingress and Egress export since it operates on a per  interface basis.  Orion NTA will ignore Egress statistics to avoid double  counting because it provides support for multiple  interfaces.

      n       Bandwidth Gauges  Enhancements

      Added 64-bit counter support and  SNMP v3 support


      n       Cisco Config  Tools Enhancements

      Added SNMP v3  support


      n       IP Address  Management Enhancements

      Added ability to disable automatic  scanning


      n       Toolset Launchpad  Enhancements

      Toolset Launchpad has new Help  group, which contains links for the following:

      ·        Software Version

      ·        Edit Shared Credentials  Database

      ·        Thwack.com Customer Forum

      ·        Support Site

      ·        Admin Guide


      n       Bug  Fixes

      A significant number of bugs were  fixed in Toolset 9.1, including the following important  issues:

      ·         TFTP Server – fixed issues with  performance.  Now on par with v8

      ·         NPM charts now display  correctly

      ·         NPM database maintenance problem is  fixed

      ·         Download scripts for Cisco Tools  work

      ·         File extensions are registered  properly


      For a complete list of bug fixes  please select the following link: