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    VLAN report


       We have a Cisco 6509 and need to have a daily report of what ports (Up or Down) that are assigned to which VLANs. I thought Switch Port Mapper did this but can't seem to find it (we have Orion 8.1, downloaded an eval version of toolkit)


      Thanks in advance



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          mark wiggans

           Switch Port Mpapper can be found in the Network Discovery tools -> Toolset

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            Try this SQL Query:


            Select [Nodes].SysName,[Nodes].AgentIP, [INTERFACES].[InterfaceDescription], [INTERFACES].[OperStatus],[BridgePorts].VlanID, [VLANS].VLANName

            From BridgePorts

            Inner JOIN Nodes ON

            [Nodes].NodeID = [BridgePorts].NodeID

            Inner JOIN Interfaces ON

            [Nodes].NodeID = [Interfaces].NodeID

            AND [INTERFACES].InterfaceIndex = [BridgePorts].InterfaceIndex

            Inner JOIN Vlans ON

            [VLANS].VlanID = [BridgePorts].VlanID AND

            [Nodes].NodeID = [VLANS].NodeID

            ORDER BY [Nodes].SysName,[INTERFACES].[InterfaceIndex]


            Make sure you run inventory prior to running this SQL.