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    9.0.1 Switchport mapper - MAC Discovery issue


      Hello, everyone.

      I'm having a problem with the Switch port mapper.  I have two 6509s, each running sup720s.

      I'm trying to map out the switch with this tool, but it seems to halt solid after less than 60 mac addresses when there should be quite a bit more than that.  It just hangs at fifty something and will remain that way all day if I let it, setting the SNMP timeout doesn't seem to help.

      The software has no problem checking the ARP table, it just doesn't work on the MAC discovery. 

      I have another environment with dual 6513s, running sup720s, that maps fine.

      I am using version 9.0.1 of the tool.  Version 9 would not detect the BRIDGE-MIB on this device (But at least 9.0.1 works now!)

      Any ideas?