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    Email notifications and Cirrus


      It's been commented on before that the way configuration change notifications are displayed are not ideal.  I wanted to share some screenshots on a competing configuration management product and how its email notifications are formatted.  I would love to see Cirrus implemented in a fashion similiar to this.  I'm not going to name the competing product because I don't want to advertise for them, nor tread upon Solarwind's own stomping grounds - if you're familiar with this product and can identify it from the screenshots, I'd kindly ask you refrain from mentioning it.

      The two screenshots are part of the same, single email notification.  I just broke them up into two images.



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            I'm not sure I like that second image.  I don't see how this is any different or more useful than what Cirrus currently offers.  For the width, remember that not everyone is working on a 1920x1200 widescreen display.  In addition, showing at least a few lines of config above and below the changes will much better assist when trying to identify what was actually changed.  For instance, if you have a router with 1000 interfaces and suddenly three of them were disabled and the emails only show you:

                                                                >   shutdown;
                                                                >   shutdown;
                                                                >   shutdown;

            it's too difficult to really tell what was changed without having to go through the extra several steps of logging into the server, starting Cirrus, waiting several minutes for node status polling to complete, finding the device in your list, opening it, and comparing the two configs.  I am a huge proponent for having not only one *text* email for all changes, but also in a format similar to this, so horizontal scrolling is unnecessary:


            Index: configs/router.foo.com
            retrieving revision 1.999
            diff -U4 -r1.999 router.foo.com
            @@ -590,16 +593,8 @@
             interface ATM0/0/0.566 point-to-point
              description customer-b
              ip address x.x.x.x
            +  shutdown
              pvc 4/616
               encapsulation aal5snap
              interface ATM0/0/0.574 point-to-point
               description customer-c
               ip address x.x.x.x

            The above is extremely easy to read, does not require expanding the email to full size only to still have problems deciphering the config due to linewrap, and provides a frame of reference for the changes made.