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    Black Box


      Today when I was using NTA, I drilled down to the server IP address that I wanted specific information for and I was presented with black boxes where the pie charts should be. Any idea why?

       If that wasn't bad enough, as you can see above the "Total Bytes" information is bogus too. Maybe this is related somehow.

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          We haven't seen that before.  Do you know the steps to reproduce?   

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              Sorry for the rush job on the posting. It was a very late night and I just wanted to post my findings while it was still fresh in my mind. Here is my system configuration.

              Orion Server
              Windows Server 2003 SP2
              Orion 8.1 All Hotfixes
              NTA 2.1 All Hotfixes

              DB Server
              Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 64Bit
              SQL Server 2005 64Bit

              NetFlow Source
              Cisco Catalyst 6500
              IOS 12.2(18)SXF7

              Reproducing the "Black Box" in my environment is pretty straight forward. I open Orion in my browser and click on "Netflow Traffic Analysis". From there I enter an IP address in "Search for NetFlow Endpoint" and click "Search". The final search result has several of these black boxes where pie charts should be.

              Now I should have been clear in my first posting but this is not happening to all IPs that I search for in NTA but it's consistently at least one node that I've been attempting to monitor.

              Denny, I PM'd you a Camtasia video so you could see for yourself.

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              Can you reproduce and save the page as an .mht and send that?  I'll attach that to the bug.