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    Cirrus Feature requests

    mark wiggans

       Cirrus feature requests?

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          1. Closer integration with Orion - general

          2. Automation of Cirrus reports and configs into Orion rather than having to fiddle to get it working

          3. Notification when a device is added to Orion it's automatically added to Cirrus or some sort of notification is shown the next time Cirrus is opened.

          4. Being able to right click on a device on Orion and apply any of the following (similar to the toolset integration)

              command script\snippet

              add device

              config change report

              show commands


          5. View a device inventory from Orion

          6. Greater flexibility with the policy reporter - if a particular command doesn't exist then run this script to add it


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              I agree with jonchill.

               The bunch of us at work would really like to see database integration, automated import/export, and general working functionality with Orion.

               It would be very helpful to have a single information source.  I am keeping custom properties in both databases and they are never in sync - City names, descriptions, management IP addresses, etc.

              We appreciate how much effort this require but we see it as being nothing but a great idea.  As a good step, aligning table column names in the next version of Cirrus, node IDs, etc, would save me a lot of time.


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                  I have a similar request regarding the custom fields and multiple databases.  Data synchronization and administration grows exponentially.

                  I would prefer to see the custom fields in the node and interface tables to utilize a "Site" or "Business" set of databases and tables that are indexed for faster queries.  Operationally node and interface specific web pages are the mainthing when something is broken.  However, our organization requires "Site" specific content to actually repair or trouble-shoot further issues.

                  • Site name
                  • Site type (we provide the telecom support to control systems) 
                  • nodes
                  • interfaces
                  • number of site incidents in x period of time.
                  • circuits IDs
                  • cable IDs
                  • downstream sites
                  • SLA priority
                  • physical location
                  • GPS coordinates
                  • Driving directions!

                  Our company has over 2000 physical locations that require telecommunications--mostly in very remote locations.

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                1.  Feature Request - please!  This would make Cirrus sooo much more useful, in my opinion.  If a software developer donating his own time can do this, there's no reason a team of very talented developers backed by a multi-national corporation like Solarwinds can't get it done!

                2.  Re: Feature Request
                     - In response to Haley's comments:  I know that aaa enables you to allow only specific users the ability to make changes.  The problem is, you have to specify a single user within the Orion DB, along with the password.  In other words, I can enter several users in the database, but only one of them can be used at a time - are you suggesting that every time a change is made, the process of modifying the user for a particular node or set of nodes be changed in the database to reflect who made the change?  What happens if/when the user is not changed back?  Messy, I say...
                     - For session tracing, yes, I know this.  The problem is, if you're having trouble with only one configuration, then why would I need to copy the configurations of 150 other routers and switches just because of one login issue?
                     - Unfortunately, this isn't good enough.  When one can simply open the database and look at the configs to see not only the passwords, but the usernames, SNMP strings, access-lists, etc, this doesn't pass muster.  The configurations should be stored in the database encrypted.  This, along with good authentication (separate usernames) for opening Cirrus, will greatly enhance the security of the application and assist us further in meeting the PCI Compliance.

                3.  Orion should create its own scheduler service.  Windows Task Scheduler blows.  I've spent hours/days trying to get jobs working, all due to the boneheaded restrictions, prerequisites and hidden/unknown permissions that all must be met just to run a damn task in Windows Task Scheduler by an account other than "Administrator".  I hate to sound bitter about this, but Windows Task Scheduler, a replacement for Unix cron you are most definitely not.

                4.  The change notification emails should be compiled into a single email.  Getting 150 separate messages when our passwords change is not fun.  Modifying the scheduled job each time is not an option.

                5.  Orion/Cirrus DB sync - annoying to have to add to two different databases.  I suppose this fits in with jonchill's "Closer integration with Orion" suggestion, but I felt this in particular was worth mentioning.  This could also be used for Cirrus Node Status polling.  It doesn't make sense to poll twice for the status of one node if Orion and Cirrus worked together.

                6.  SNMPv3 support.

                7.  Allow the modification of the 'From:' and 'Subject:' headers of the emails.  This subject is way too long:  "Solarwinds.Net Cirrus Configuration Management Change Alert - <router> - Config has changed (Differs from Last Config)".

                8.  The 'errors encountered' email that is sent after scheduled jobs occur should really only include the devices for which Cirrus had trouble getting configs for.  There's really no reason I need to know about the other 150+ devices that worked perfectly fine.

                EDIT:  9.  IPv6 Support! 

                That's all I can think of right now.

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                   The link no longer works (since migration to Thwack) but maybe you guys have a way of seeing it. My feature request are Wish list for next version/update

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                    Compliance: PCI Security Report

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                      - Lock Snippets so that all users can edit them for upload jobs but only Administrators can save the changes in the Snippets

                      - Ability to link from a node details page in NPM directly to the corresponding node details page in NCM (At least until all the other NCM resources can be added to an NPM node details page)

                      - Facilitating users to enter and edit their NCM credentials without giving them the capability to 'edit' resource view settings globally.

                      - Config compare resource for the NPM Node details page feature request to a previous post.

                      - Ability to edit add/remove tabs on on the NCM home page. i.e Inventory, compliance, NCM Home etc.

                      - Inclusion of the NCM search that is normally part of the NCM stand-alone site.