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    Toolset Feature Requests

    mark wiggans

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          IP Address Management

          1. Web based version

          2. ability to build hierarchical tree structure (Network Groups) in Navigation Tree.

          3. ability to import subnet list and delete subnets from Navigation Tree.

          4. ability to auto-create range of subnets for Class A, Class B, Class C networks based on subnet mask to populate Navigation Tree. For example, given a Class B network of with a mask of, generate all 10.10.x.0 networks ( thru Given a Class C network of with a mask of, generate all subnets.

          5. ability to disable/enable scanning for subnets at individual and Network Group (#2) subnet level.

          6. provide "Enable Scanning" checkbox on NewSubnet panel and checkbox on each subnet in Navigation Tree (box checked if enabled, unchecked if disabled).

          7. ability to add more variable-length custom fields (like Orion).

          8. ability to sort data via columns (i.e., systemname, location, last response, machine type, comments, custom fields (#7)).

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              I have to agree with Ron web based functionality also on switch port mapper. If possible full integration for both with Orion as we have a copy of the Engineers on our Orion box and it would be great if these could be run from Orion itself.


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                IP Address Block Management

                Ability to configure by individual IP addresses, block ranges or address pools within networks, allocation/reallocation, pool monitoring, address utilization trending and forecasting for capacity management.

                Automated address block allocation.

                "planned vs. actual" views of IP address space.

                User-defined policies for determining which blocks are permitted to be managed within the hierarchy and who can administer them.  Well-defined administrator roles, controls and reports for accountability and audit tracking.

                Address organization according to user-configured fields; e.g, topology, geography, domains, block, custom properties.

                Audit Reporting to track administrators, subnets, IP addresses.

                User-defined thresholds and alerts to provide notification of impending address depletion.

                Graphical reports for any level address block hierarchy.

                IPv4 & IPv6 support


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                It would be nice if network monitor updated the ip address of DHCP enabled devices.  I have not had a successful update of the device once it gets a new address..

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                   I would like the following change to Network Performance Monitor:

                  I frequently find myself need to monitor multiple devices behind a firewall that has a single external IP address.  Using the Port-Address-Translation feature, I am able to monitor one device behind the firewall (listen for traffic on UDP/161, forward to this internal IP address on 161). 

                   If I could control the Port that NPM used to request SNMP data, I could setup multiple redirections to different devices (161 goes to device1/161, 162 goes to device2/161, 163 goes to device3/161, etc.).

                  So the request is to allow NPM users to define the port that they want to use for SNMP requests on a node by node basis.  It would default to 161, but can be overridden.


                   Bryan Hunt

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                    I second that with the IP Address Management and Switch Port Mapper. Either have them as a web interface off of the toolset or integrate them with Orion (preferred).