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    Timezone and encoding

      I'm evaluating the ipMonitor software.

      A trail copy in now installed to my Windows XP (Chinese Edition), and I ensure that the timezone setting of Windows is correct.

      But in ipMonitor, all events and record time is GMT (while my timezone should be GMT+8), how could I change ipMonitor to record with my timezone?

      On the other hand, my IE have encoding set to "auto select", but every time it detected as "Big5", which  it will cause the little "green arrow" on the report graph not showing up, until I manually change the Encoding to "UTF-8", they show again.

      These problem pushing me to consider other NMS, but I still think ipMonitor is the right choice to me, could anyone help? thanks in advanced :)

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          Hi vr2zzn,

           The ipMonitor software uses the time settings from your system (for the log files).  As for the Reports generated by ipMonitor, it is possible to set the time zone in the "Time Navigation Rules" of the Time selection of the Reports.

           In regards to the encoding, here are a few thoughts;

          - Are both IE6 and IE7 doing this?

          - Maybe Firefox would work better.