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    Network Performance monitor


      We are in the process of changing our network structure, and some of the router addresses changed.  What I didn't know is that performance stats appear to disappear when this change happens.  Are they held in the database? If so, how would I access them? Example...router DET-2611 changed name to DET-RTR and changed address from to  Can we still access the performance data for prior to this change?

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          I believe you can open the Network Performance Monitor in Microsoft Access (the file is named SWNetPerfMon.cfg).  This will give you DB-level access to all of the captured data.  You will need to shut the performance monitor down to open the file cleanly, or make a copy and work with the copy in Access.

           I have not done this personally, but SolarWinds support indicates this file is an Access DB and even suggests using Access to run maintenance on it.