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      I've 3 pertinent questions wicha are

      -reading the details of the application it's possible to configure a tticket on the application

      Using the remedy as tticket . how can i use this applicattion at same time with NMP,to report a tticket and get the database of remedy and synchronize qith the database of orion, ex:synchronize the table contacts

      The other question is

      Definig scratch propities with a field called lynks, and displaying then at the web view, how can i click at that field and open the hyperlink, without going through the edit coustom links

      2) with MIB i can extract information

      ex: A core router cisco 7200 as intefaces, which i can see at web view, but i'm more interessed in seeing de subinterfaces, i've alredy see it in Mib browser at tools engineering trhoug a OID

      How can I see that information associated at the interfaces and subinterfaces at web view

      --Do you have any any contact or an enterprise tha i could contact to get the best informations and performance of the product, because i'm really interessed