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    Need to get paging/SMS software working. What's the recommended method?

      I have Orion pretty much working the way I would like and have gotten alerts to send emails, traps, etc. but I really need to get it rigged up to send SMS messages. I downloaded NotePager and tried to get it working by itself but can't. We have a Vodafone phone network so I downloaded Vodafone's SMS-Via-Outlook program and it won't install because it can't detect Outlook (which is installed). Does anybody have a tried and tested method of installing SMS software that uses email?

      Which software? What pitfalls? Thanks



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          You shouldn't need Outlook or any client software from Vodafone. If your trying to use TAP (Dial-up/Modem SMS) then all you need is a modem connected to your NotePager machine and the Vodafone TAP number which you will find here.

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              We are currently looking at SMS messaging for alerts and originally were going to use a SMS modem with a 3rd party piece of software to forward over SMS but have decided to go down the route of using a internet based SMS service, I've trialed a number but up to now Kapow is our prefered as during testing from the point the e-mail was sent to the time the SMS was received was approximately 3.5 secs, the big downside is if our mail or internet connection dies so do the SMS messages. I'm just waiting to here what BT offer for SMS gateways then we'll make a decision.



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                  We use page gate. took a while to configure / work out how to use.. But once up its quite easy.. and works well..

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                      I used pagegate and it was a snap. There was nothing complicated about the install other than knowing how to create the carrier.  I also like how I can setup several groups with different people for paging on different types of infrastructure.

                       By the way I didn't find any docs on how to integrate the products so I e-mail support at notpage (they make pagegate) and they were a great help!

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                           Hello Clint,

                           Can you or somebody else share with us the necessary steps to complete the PageGate-Solarwinds integration process please. I wrote  to  tech@notepage.net  but i haven't received any answer.

                          Thank you.



                          Maybe it helps if i give you my status. I installed the PageGate software and I tested through the GUI Client interface and it works. Now, when i try to add 'Dial Paging or SMS service' alert action I still get a pop-up saying 'Notepage has not been installed."

                          What is to be done in this case?


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                               hate to reply to myself but doesnt anyone uses this tool anymore?

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                                  The integration was really simple. However I did have some issues getting Orion to work with the pagegate "getasci" module. It seemed that Orion could not find the pagegate command to send pages to the modem. Unfortunately Solar Winds support pulled the same old BS that they don't support the product so I never got the "getasci" working consistently. Kind of lame since they support the desktop application notepage but not the upgraded program by the same company that is called pagegate and runs as a service. Who wants to keep a desktop application running (notepage) so your enterprise monitoring application that runs on high end servers can page. SolarWinds really needs to step out of the box and support a service based program for paging. Enough of the bashing...

                                   So to get around the issue I had with the "getasci" module I used pagegates "getemail" module and had all Orion alerts sent via e-mail to the pagegate program that acts as a mail relay. This is working flawlessly! The really cool thing about pagegate is you can set up recipients to get emails (SMTP), email to a pager (5555555555@vtext.com), or to dial pager phone number (5555555555). This is very cool because I have designed alerts to send emails for 99.9% of the alerts and dial out for anything that would effect mail delivery to the internet that would in turn effect delivery of SMS messages (5555555555@vtext.com) to my pager or emails to my corporate email address (clint@anyone.com).

                                  I am sure there are better ways to design your alters but this is the way I have done it. I have three ways to be contacted so I have created three recipients for each person.1 is for e-mail; clint@anyone.com and I called this recipient clint-mtm which is short for clint mail to mail. Which means mail from Orion to my corporate email address. 2 is for sms to my pager that is sent via a mail relay; 5555555555@vtext.com and I called this clint-mtp which is short for mail to pager. Both 1 and 2 rely on the mail system. The 3rd recipient is for paging to my pager via a POTS line. This is named clint-dtp which is short for dial to pager. I then created groups to add the recipients to. This is where the pagepage software really shines. I created groups called net-mtm@orion.com, net-mtp@orion.com, & net-dtp@orion.com and added the respective recipients to each group. The groups are named "net" because these are setup to contact network staff, I could make more groups for the server team, operations, application, or what ever suits your needs. I can have as many recipients as I wanted in each group and I don't have to add a bunch of sms numbers, pager numbers, e-mail addresses to each alert in Orion. I only have to add the groups that should get the messages. Prior to using pagegate I would have added upwards of 20 recipients to each alert message and this may have changed for each alert. What a PITA!

                                  Next I add net-mtm@orion.com to alerts that are not critical but keeping in mind that if any part of the e-mail deliver path is down I will not get these alerts. I also feel these alerts don't need immediate attention and I can review these at a more convenient time so I have a rule in outlook to put all these messages to a separate folder. I like this method of message delivery because it is very fast and I can send a large amount of alerts without having the delay of dialing up via a POTS line. I then assign net-mtp@orion.com  to alerts that are critical that I need to address quickly 24/7 and these go to my pager (mtp mail to pager, remember). These are set on devices that are down, critical uplinks, major WAN links, critical syslog messages. Seeing that the net-mtp@orion.com group relies on e-mail you won't get these messages if any path from Orion to your mail server, or your internet is down. That is where the 3rd group comes in. I then assign net-dtp@orion.com (dial to pager) to all devices that will affect mail delivery. This is where you need to know your network path to your e-mail server and to the internet. I have alerts set to page me if Orion shows any of the following down; any Orion server interface, mail server, dns server, internet edge devices. If any of these are down then Orion uses an internal modem to dial to my paging companies 800 number and I get the message that way. This is all done via pagegate!

                                  I am sure there are other ways to do this but this is where I arrived in my design process. I am a Cisco focused network engineer and am not a programmer and I wanted to buy a product that was off the shelf and ready to go. I have no desire to reinvent the wheel so pagegate was perfect for me. I think the product was about $400 for a 50 user license.

                                  I hope this answers your question.