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    NetFlow Configurator beta build available now - sign-up for beta


      We are working on a new free tool called NetFlow Configurator, which takes you through a simple, step-by-step wizard to enable/configure NetFlow v5 on Cisco routers and switches that support the configuration MIB.  We hope this tool will save you a lot of time by eliminating the need to SSH or Telnet into your routers and navigate the command line interface to configure NetFlow.  

      THE BETA BUILD IS AVAILABLE NOW.  If you are interested in testing NetFlow Configurator, please complete the following beta participant agreement as soon as possible:




      We are going to be managing the Free Tools Beta on Thwack using a private forum for posting of issues and for product managers and developers to respond.  This enables everyone to share with each other and determine if you’re having the same or unique problems.


      Most importantly, we think we’ll be able to respond to your issues more quickly.  Remember, if you are using the Beta, you cannot call Support.  They cannot support Beta versions.  You will be supported by PM and Engineering directly, and we’ll do almost all of our communication via the Beta Forum.