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    Eric E

      MasterShaper is a network traffic shaper which provides a Web Interface for Quality of Servcie (QoS) functions of newer Linux 2.4- & 2.6-Kernel-Series.

      It targets to let users learn and use the traffic shaping mechanism. This should be possible for everyone who has no deeper knowledge of Linux and the difficult syntax of the tc commands from theiproute2 package.

      It provides a Web Interface which lets you define bandwidth pipes and filters (based on IP, MAC, ports, protocols, ipp2p, layer7-filter, ...). It also draws some graphs about the current bandwidth usage and distribution. There is no more need for any shell access or privileged users.

      Mastershaper's goal is to make traffic shaping possible for users who know about networking and the traffic shaping capabilities, but have not much experience with Linux, scripting and other tools needed to do this job.

      In the end, the shaping features should be compareable with commercial shaping products like Allot's Netenforcer (http://www.allot.com/html/products_netenforcer.shtm) or Packeteers shaper (http://www.packeteer.com/).


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           Wow, thanks for posting this!  I was just this weekend trying to figure out the 'tc' command line and was baffled.  Even after being able to config router/switch QoS/CoS, tc is pretty daunting.

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              Eric E

              I'm just starting to learn it myself.

              We're actually trying out MasterShaper to replace our Netenforcers. I just got it working on my first box.

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                  Hi Mithrillall

                  Whats the reason for replacing your netenforcers with MasterShaper.. ??

                  We're in a progress of buying a Netenforcer, thats why im asking..


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                      Eric E

                      Honestly, I think Linux running MasterShaper holds up better under stress than the NetEnforcer.

                      I've had a user on a NetEnforcer pulling over 1500kbps when they were set to only have 400kbps. It's happened multiple times on different NetEnforcers. The usual response from support is to reboot the NetEnforcer, which fixes it for only a short time.

                      MasterShaper was free with the exception of learning Linux (which I've moved my home computers to so that curve wasn't that bad). We've replaced 4 NetEnforcers with 4 Linux boxes running MasterShaper and we've had a great response.