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    Port Mapper Interface

      Hi.. As a long time user of the indispensable Solarwinds products, I've got a request for the way that you enter the switch and router hostname/ip. In V8 you could enter this information straight on the front interface. Now with V9, you have to hit the "Select Switch" and "Select Router". Is there any way that you can modify the interface so that you can enter the router and switch info on the front page.

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          Thank you for the feedback and thank you for being a long time user of our products.  I'm going to explain the reason for the change and I encourage you to respond with any comments if you disagree with the decision.   

          The change was made to accomodate the SNMPv3 support that was added in version 9.  Adding SNMPv3 means that we have to provide a way to select either community string or SNMPv3 credentials.  If SNMPv3 is selected there are a handful of additional pieces of information that need to be entered.  The choice came down to these two options:

          1. Add the ability to select a community string or SNMPv3 to the main window of the Switch Port Mapper.  This doesn't require the Select button but it does take up additional space in the window which means fewer rows of data can be seen than in version 8.
          2. Move the selection of a community string or SNMPv3 credentials to another window and use a button to access it.  This requires using the Select buttons to enter the credentials but it means that version 9 of the Switch Port Mapper can display the same amount of data on the screen as version 8.

          We chose option 2 with the assumption that additional rows of data on the screen at once is more important than having the credential selection in the main window. 

          Thanks again for the question and we welcome your feedback.

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              Thanks for the reply and explanation.. I understand.

              IMHO, if there were a way to choose between the 2 that would be great. Even though it's only a couple more clicks, I just found entering the switch/router on the first page much easier... Especially in a crisis situation when you need to do things quickly.. Most of my stuff is automagically filled out with the autocomplete anyhow, so the pop-up becomes redundant..

              Perhaps if you entered a new device that was not in the autocomplete, it could pop up a screen to enter the credentials..

              Thanks again!