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    feature requests

      hi, we've just started using this product, but there are a couple of extra features i'd like to see (if possible)

      i believe it's possible to get the ToS from the netflow packets - i'd like to see the traffic marked with these values. i.e. Microsoft-SQL-Server (dscp cs1)

      it would also be useful to see a breakdown of the various DSCP values going though that interface, and the ability to drill down to look at the traffic flowing under that value.

      another useful feature would be to have the color (in the pie chart) constant accross applications (where possible) i.e the first look at an interface shows HTTP (blue) as the highest bandwidth user, then after a refresh Microsoft-DS (still blue) is the highest with HTTP changing colour to green.

      is there any chance of adding these into a future realease?



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          The ToS support is coming soon.  The other one is an interesting feature request that I haven't heard before.  The challenge I see is that there are hundreds of applications, but not hundreds of distinguishable colors.  Would you want to reserve certain custom colors for certain applications?

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            This is a great idea. However, let's take that one step further and make Orion the product to beat! It sounds as though we are starting to talk about QoS. If the product is going to look at TOS and DSCP, go one more step and display QoS queues. Since the product already polls for SNMP values, ask the Layer 3 device what QoS is defined in the device. Once that is found, query the device for the values and display the Queues by interface. Be sure the calculation is by usage by Queue, not by total interface bandwidth.

            As an example, Cisco now has a QoS mib that includes all of the QoS properties found in all of the separate mibs that were previously supported.


            My 2 cents.