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    License question


      Do I have to buy a matching license count for Netflow as I do in Orion?  For example, if I have an Orion NPM SL500, can I install a Netflow Module for 100 nodes?  I only have a few devices that support netflow... 

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          That's not how the licensing works.  NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is an extension of Orion.  You pay to "turn on" NetFlow for that size Orion.  You pay to turn on NetFlow for the particular Orion you own.

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              However this is something you should review.

              As a customer that uses Solarwinds for years, to monitor, Sun, WIntel, Nortel, DLINK, CISCO, 3Com, HP Printers, etc, and pay a maintenance fee for a SLX license your licensing scheme is preventing you to do business.

              We only have around 60 CISCO routers. Why do I have to pay 15000 USD for a netflow Unlimited license?

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                  You're still thinking of it based on on interfaces.  It's a flat fee.  We could have charged $15k for everyone, but we decided to offer a discounted flat fee for users with smaller licenses of Orion. 

                  Despite your suggestion that our licensing model is preventing us from doing business, the NetFlow module is actually selling very well.  Our customers are buying it because it provides tremendous value for the price.  The market alternatives are mostly far more expensive or fall far short of enterprise scalability.  We are also adding new functionality at a fast pace.  We about to ship the fourth release in about 9 months.

                  I encourage you consider whether the value NTA would provide to your organization is sufficient to justify the expense.  There's not a lot of enterprise software available for the price.

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                      I have Orion SLX, Cirrus DL200, Wireless, toolkit, and we’re looking at NetFlow.  I’m in a Cisco house, and I want to monitor a total of 4 flows!  Come on guys, I understand your pricing model.  But I already had to sit through one meeting with my director and explain why maintenance doubled.  Now I have to explain that the best alternative to spending $15k is to buy Orion SL100, and NetFlow SL100 for $3500 and get another SQL DB and Windows server!  On top of that, had I bought the V1 NetFlow product you would have given me the SLX license for free?!?  It seems you need to do a little more planning before you release pricing.

                      On top of it all, I have a demo of NetFlow running right now.  I’m monitoring 2 flows with the default retention, and my SQL server (Dual 2.4g Dual-Core P4, 4Gb RAM) is on it’s knees!

                      I have but 2 questions:
                      1) Why should I pay $15k for an unlimited product when I only need a few flows?
                      2) Why should I pay $15k for an unlimited product when the product itself can't possibly handle an unlimited number of flows?

                      Cirrus is available in the license capacity I need.  Why not NetFlow?  Couldn't you just set up a flag in the DB of flow-enabled nodes and stop NetFlow at a license threshold?

                      I'm a bit frustrated, and I have Cisco beating on my door. 

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                          1.  Think of Orion+NetFlow/VoIP as a suite.  When you upgrade to the suite, that's the price of the suite.  We decided

                          2.  NetFlow for Orion SLX means you're able to monitor NetFlow on any interface monitored by Orion. 

                          If you are having scalability problems with just two interfaces, you should definitely contact Support.  We have customers successfully monitoring much larger installations than yours. 

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                              Orion/NetFlow/VoIP?  Please explain.  Pricing isn't on the site yet, and I haven't been sold that concept in the past.  There is a suite coming?  If I pay $15k for NetFlow, is VoIP going to be included when it's available?  Do you have target pricing if that's not the case?

                              I will have at least 20 WAN sites to monitor when the VoIP product is available, but my NetFlow needs will remain small. 

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                                  No.  Sorry to confuse.  VoIP is going to be priced like NetFlow.  It's not an official suite, but I'm suggesting that we're starting to treat it more like a suite.  When you add functionality, it's all-or-none, it's not a separate count for each component.

                                  VoIP will be a separate module, but we won't count the number of sites you're monitoring.  It's just be based on the size of your Orion.

                                  Details of VoIP pricing can be found here:



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                                      Is there a page that covers ongoing maintenance?

                                      I have

                                      • Engineers Edition   $1400
                                      • Orion SLX            $21000
                                      • NetFlow SLX        $15000
                                      • Wireless                $2500
                                      • Application             $1500
                                      • Cirrus DL200          $3500
                                      • VoIP                    $10000
                                        • $54900
                                      What is the annual maintenance going to be for each of these?