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    Trigger a batch file to run on a server

      Hi All,

      I have an issue that I want to solve using solarwinds, but I can't figure out how to do it.  I have an event that tells me when a windows service that I am running on my server fails.  When the service fails, I have a batch file that I want to run that will restart the service.  The batch file resides on the server where the service has failed.  My problem is that I want to trigger an action that will start the batch file using the sysinternal program PSKill.  However, I can not figure out how to initiate a command line that will substitute the correct computer name into the command line so that PSKill will now which server to run the batch file. on.  I want the command line to look something like this.

      PSKill.exe KillAll.bat \\"computername

       Any help would be greatly appreciated.