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    No NetFlow data showing for some routers/interfaces

       Hi anyone have any ideas why two identical routers configured identically with similar utilisation on the WAN interfaces (Serial sub interfaces) could show different success in NTA?

      One router shows NetFlow stats on some interfaces, the other does not show NetFlow stats on any interfaces and according to the column TIME DATA RECEIVED the Orion server has never received data from it.

      Both routers are configured identically to export flows to the same server.

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           Sorry forgot to mention Orion 8.1 patched, NTA 2.1 patched.

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              Are you getting any messages in the Last 25 NetFlow Events that says you are receiving flows from an unmanaged node?  If so, the node not showing any traffic may be exporting flows from a different IP Address than the one you think it is exporting them from.

              If not, are you sure the correct node is selected as a NetFlow source?  To see what nodes you are currently receiving flows from, Click the Edit button in the NetFlow Sources resource and change the Showing filter to "Exporters...".  Then expand the Cisco node and it will show you all of the nodes that are currently sending flows to the NTA receiver.

              You can also take a look if any flows are being thrown away because the interface is not configured as a NetFlow Source.  To see if any flows are being thrown away, try this: 

              1) Start->Run->perfmon 

              2)  Ctrl-I to add a counter

              3)  Change Performance Object to "SolarWinds"

              4) Select "All Counters" and click Add

              5) Click Close

              6) Ctrl-R to switch to report view

              7)  Look for the Unmonitored Flows counter and see if the number is increasing

              If this number is increasing then we are throwing away flows because the source interface is not configured as a NetFlow source.

              If none of this helps you figure out the issue, go to http://www.solarwinds.com/support and open a support ticket. 

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                   Hi David,

                  I have submitted a ticket as I am picking up all the flows at my workstation with NetFlow Realtime.

                  The Orion server is not picking up all the flows though.



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                       OK I have had some contact from support and they wanted to know about about the configuration of our servers as follows:


                      1. What all solarwinds software is on this server?
                      2. Is your SQL on this server with the app's
                      3. How much RAM is on the app server and on the SQL server of seperate.
                      4. What is the CPU on the app server?
                      5. What is the RAID?
                      6. Have you applied the Hotfix's for Orion and NetFlow?

                      Thank you.

                      James (Support Tech)

                      I know all bases need to be covered, but come on we were part of the Beta for the NetFlow 2 we kind of have a handle on the set-up of this system now.

                      Anyway the answers have been duly replied to.

                      We still have the Beta test system running using Orion V8 and NetFlow 2.00.00 if we send NetFlow data from the same router to that system and to the latest Orion V8.1 and NetFlow 2.1 system we only get stats on the V8 Orion system and no stats on V8.1.

                      All this has been reported to support, with screen shots.

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                          Hey guys can I get a little help here please?

                          Support have come back to me telling me to check my router config and that this system won't display NPLS (I presume they mean MPLS) interface data. This is rubbish, of course my routers are configured correctly and this problem is not confined to serial interfaces configured for MPLS it is also on Fast Ethernet and Fast Ethernet subifs.

                          What do I have to do make support believe that this is an issue? Kind of harks back to the v2 beta doesn't it? I was saying for weeks and weeks 'hey I've got an issue here there's no data on my website', but no-one did anything about it until after Version 2 went into production.




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                              ktm, did you check out the things I suggested on July 7? 

                              Can you post screenshots of NetFlow Realtime showing traffic from the router and screenshots of NTA showing no data for the same router?

                              Did support have you gather diagnostics (Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\NetFlowTrafficAnalysis\SolarWindsDiagnostics.exe)?

                              What was your support ticket number?


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                                  I am having the same trouble.  When I first set it up on the router, I see all the graphs and charts. After about 30 minutes, if i go back and check, i get nothing.  That's crazy.  I know the router is setup correctly, because it initially works.  When I look at the time data received column, it shows a time-stamp from when I first set it up.  I'm thinking their must be a setting somewhere to tell it to poll more often.  Or maybe a bug.  Can anyone give me any guidance.