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    Syslog - Dropping half the message in transit

      Dear all,

      I don't know if anyone else has this issue. We're using the event log forwarder to forward event log messages to the solarwinds syslog server. From here we're getting it to run a batch file upon receipt of particular events. The problem is that the syslog server is only parsing half the message it gets to the batch file. For example the message sent is;

      SGBBKA3001 %Application: NetVault7 : Client: 'SGBBKA3001'
      Class: 'Jobs'
      Job: '42'
      Warnlevel: 'Error'

      Fatal error: Backup failed

      However the message then parsed back via sys variable is;

      SGBBKA3001 has logged a system event log error
      Jun 26 2007 06:39:20 SGBBKA3001
      %Application: NetVault7 :
      Client: 'SGBBKA3001'

      anyone any ideas ?