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    Toolset v 9.0.1 now available

    mark wiggans

      Fixes in Toolset 9.0.1

      The following fixes have been incorporated into version 9.0.1:

      • Fixes an issue in which Cisco routers returning noncontiguous interfaces caused the NetFlow Realtime tool to unexpectedly quit.
      • Resolves an issue where Bandwidth Gauge, Switch Port Mapper, Realtime Interface Monitor, Network Performance Monitor, and MIB Browser would ignore the setting to use SNMP v1 protocol.
      • Corrects an issue in which the Switch Port Mapper tool did not allow MAC address to IP address mapping when using SNMPv3 credentials.
      • Resolves an issue in which Switch Port Mapper, upon discovering a blank base MIB table, would not discover the VLAN MIB table. Individuals who were experiencing this issue did not experience it with version 8 of the Switch Port Mapper.
      • Fixes the inability to start the TFTP Service from the system tray on Windows Vista computers.
      • Resolves an issue in which the TFTP server service timed out and did not start on computers with restricted internet access. The lack of a working TFTP service could also cause the Cisco config tools not to work.
      • Corrects a runtime error in the Map Maker component of Orion NPM after uninstalling Toolset.
      • Fixes an issue occuring during the editing of port mappings where clicking Cancel caused the port mappings to clear.
      • Corrects an issue in which the right-click option to hide an interface in Realtime Interface Monitor was unavailable.