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    Netflow on both ends of WAN link


      If I have netflow enabled and being collected from the routers on both ends of a WAN link, will my netflow stats still be correct in Solarwinds, or will it look like double the traffic due to the monitoring on both ends of the wan link?

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          NTA will show traffic for each interface, so it'll show data for each end of the WAN link separately.

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               Netflow gathers stats only in the inbound direction of an interface.

              In order to gather stats in both directions, you must enable Netflow on both the LAN & WAN interfaces on a single router.

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                  Just to add a bit more context, we went to a lot of trouble to make sure that NTA doesn't double-count any data, especially unmonitored data.  This becomes especially important when viewing traffic using host groupings, like domains, countries, and IP address groups, where traffic can potentially flow from one host in a given group to a different host in the same group.  Prevention of double-counting is also one of the reasons why NTA's views (except for the NTA home page) all require a node or interface to be selected.

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                      Thanks for the update.

                      Cisco introduced in 12.4 code the ability to monitor ingress and egress on the same interface....not just ingress as previously stated.  Since all my routers run 12.4 code and are using these Netflow commands on the serial interfaces:

                      ip flow ingress
                      ip flow egress

                      I wanted to make sure traffic wouldn't be doubled up if we monitored both the head end and remote end of our serial links.