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    How to Upgrade from V8 to Toolset V9

    mark wiggans

      How to Upgrade your Engineer’s Toolset

      Version 8 To Version 9

      To keep your settings and data from v 8 you will need to take the following steps before


      1. Browse to the following files: C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Engineers Edition

      2. Click on the sort by type as you see below. (Please make sure you are in the Details view to sort

      by type)

      3. Then scroll to all .cfg files

      4. Copy the following files to new folder on your desktop.

      a. Network-Monitor.cfg

      b. IP-BrowserWeb.cfg

      c. PortScan.cfg

      d. SWDiscovery.cfg

      e. SWNetPerfMon.cfg

      f. .BandwidthGauges

      g. Watchit.cfg (Note if you have not ran this it will not be present)

      h. TraceRoute.cfg (Note if you have not ran this it will not be present)

      i. Bandwidth-Monitor.cfg (Note if you have not ran this it will not be present)

      j. DHCP-Scope-Monitor.cfg (Note if you have not ran this it will not be present)

      k. Syslog.mdb (Note if you have not ran this it will not be present)


      NOTE: IF MOVING TO A NEW BOX you will need to grab these files as well. If you do

      not they will be picked up by the Toolset automatically. (These will be in the directory you

      set up you can also do a Search files)

      1. IP-Address-Management.IPDB

      2. New.SDB (Or other .SDB files)

      3. Advanced-CPU-Load.CPUDB

      4. SNMP-Graph

      5. .BandwidthGauges

      5. Then uninstall the Engineers Toolset

      a. Do this from Start>Programs>Solarwinds Professional Plus>Uninstall>Uninstall

      Solarwinds Engineers Edition Toolset

      b. You have to uninstall the Toolset or you will create broken tools such as: Run-time Error 2147024894 Automation Error

      6. Then Install Version 9 Engineers:

      7. Launch the executable from either the DVD or the download.

      8. Review the Welcome text, and then click Next.

      9. Accept the license agreement on the License Agreement window, and then click Next.

      10. Specify the appropriate information on the Customer Information window, and then click Next.

      On this window, you can select whether the Toolset is installed to the currently logged on user

      account profile or made available to any user account with access to this computer.

      11. Browse to a file system folder where you want to install the Toolset program files, and then click

      Next. The default location is \Program files\Solarwinds.

      12. Click Install on the Ready to install the program window.

      13. Click Finish on the Wizard Complete window.

      14. After installing the program, the Toolset setup program displays the licensing window. You will

      need the customer ID and password provided to you. Enter the requested information on the

      Install Software License Key window, and then click Continue.15. Click Continue to complete your software License Key Installation.

      16. From here you will take the folder with the files and place them in this directory:

      C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Engineer's Toolset

      17. You will then be asked if you want to overwrite the following files, Click ‘Yes’:

      18. You will now be able to use the Engineers Toolset Version 9