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    TFTP Server suggestions

    Craig Norborg

       Have a suggestion on the tftp-server, I keep all my files on a network drive so its backed up.  The TFTP-Server should allow UNC names (ie: //server/directory) as paths to the TFTP directory.  Couldn't get it to do it since it never prompts with a requester.  It will allow me to use a network drive (ie: H:/tftproot) but I'm guessing since that if that drive isn't mapped when the service starts up it won't map properly...   Haven't tested it yet though...


      Another thing, although its nice that the new TFTP server will allow for 32Mb+ files to be uploaded, its really >much< >much< quicker to upload files that big via FTP instead of tftp.   Its probably about time for solarwinds to come out with a FTP server too?