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    Netflow 2.0 with External Web Server

      Just a little warning for those wanting to use Netflow 2.0 and have the standalone web server like we do.   2.0 is not compatable with the standalone web application.   As of now, you must use the web server on the server you install Orion/Netflow.  A fix is currently in the works.

      Now, having said that, It really is a *major* improvement over the old version.  It is actually quick and responsive to me.  So much so, we went back to using the web server on our orion box instead of the standalone we bought.   When they fix the standalone, we will use it again, but there were to many improvements to ignore.

      But I am sure that I am not the only one with a standalone web server, so you must make a choice there.  Honestly, 2.0 is night and day better.  Really happy with the changes made.  The page loading even on the original orion is better as well.