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    Upgrade from NTA 1.0 to 2.0 - license & Pricing

      The NTA license upgrade program that we've been running has been difficult for us to properly explain our customers.  As a result, some customers have been unhappy with the result.  In response, we have re-evaluated this program and have decided to simplify it.

      For all NTA 1.0 customer, you can upgrade for free to the NTA 2.0 license that matches your Orion license.  In other words, no matter what NTA v1 license you own, you are entitled to the NTA v2 license that matches the Orion on which you will deploy it. 

      Your maintenance expiration date will not change, but the maintenance renewal rate will match the upgraded maintenance rate. 

      However, you must still contact your SolarWinds Sales Rep in order to receive the appropriate NTA 2.0 license.

      We apologize for the confusion and stress this has caused some of our loyal customers, and we appreciate your continued support in this transition.

      Denny LeCompte
      Sr. Product Manager, Orion