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    Heavy Traffic to 1 IP address

      The IP address in question is mine (IT Staff). Netflow is showing a large, consistent amount of traffic from my machine to multiple workstations on our internal network (on multiple subnets).  When I investigate further I see the traffic is a set amount on the hour.  I've double-checked that my pc is not sharing any files and don't see any disk activity indicating read/writes, etc.  The traffic amount is in the range of 1.2 GB to 4.2 GB per day. Yesterday I was out of the office and Netflow is showing my computer moved 1.7 GB of traffic.  When I disconnect my system from the network (pull the network cable) the traffic settles down.  Any ideas of where to start tracking this down?  Another bit of information.  I run multiple tools from my desktop (Active Directory management, AntiVirus management, etc.).