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    6500 hybrid mode

      Anyone exporting netflows from a 6500 in hybrid mode that can share how they implemented it.

      At the moment I am able to receive netflow stat from both the switch and MSFC, but I am not sure I have done it in the optimal way. I configured the switch with:
      set mls nde Orion-IP port
      set mls nde version 5
      set mls flow full
      set mls nde enable
      The MSFC with:
      ip flow-export destination Orion-IP port
      ip flow-export source loopback0
      ip flow-export version 5
      ip route-cache flow
      on the interfaces.

      What I understand about the licensing when running in hybrid mode is that each L2 port on the switch would consume one license. Or is that not correct?
      Is there a way to check the number of licenses currently in use and what happen if I go over the limit?

      Cheers, Daniel