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    Major Issues with WPM in 2019.4


      We recently had serious problems with orion that took several days with support to get resolved.  In the end, we had Orion upgraded to 2019.4.  In the latest version of WPM, there seems to be major problems and we are now having a difficult time getting it working.  Most of our apps use ntlm auth and this is apparently not supported anymore (?!?!?!?!?!?).  After a couple of days on the phone with support we got this response "And also here's a thing, I was told that if you want to monitor HTTPS site you should use the SAM (Server and Application Monitor) module for better outcome instead of WPM as there are a lot of issues and limitations with WPM."


      The HTTPS monitor is nothing compared to WPM, and there is no timeline for supporting NTLM in WPM.  So we just renewed maintenance on a product that no longer works for us.  Newly recorded scripts also do not work.  Is anyone else having major issues with WPM since the upgrade?

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          The new recorder is not at full feature parity yet and that is why we still ship and fully support both the old recorder and the new one. We are currently working on NTLM authentication support in the new recorder but until that is fully released you should still be able to use the old recorder for those transactions that require NTLM and any other feature that is missing in the new recorder. I will discuss the case with the support team as I am not sure why they would have given the advice you quoted above instead of pointing you to the old recorder.