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    SQL Server Agent - HA Configuration


      I have an alert configured using a Windows Service Monitor. I have two servers in an active/passive cluster where the Agent only runs on the active server. However, the alert is triggering on the server that is passive. What can I do I alert on the active server only in this configuration?

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          What I would do, is add a new node custom property, call it something like "PassiveNode", and set it as a yes/no type.


          Via 'Manage Custom Properties' in settings, set this property to false for all nodes, and then go back and set it to true for your passive cluster member.


          Finally, edit your alert and add in to the trigger condition logic "where Node Custom Property 'PassiveNode' = false (or 0, depending on how you want to roll)".


          That should exclude the passive nodes from your alert!


          Of course, you'll need to ensure you swap the CPs over if you swap the passive/active roles around to avoid false positives going forward.

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