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    Migration to new servers


      I am wondering if anyone has steps for migrating Web Help Desk to a new server. We are looking to upgrade the WHD version to 12.7.1 on the newer server. I have the server built with the local PostgreSQL server and need to migrate the data over to the new server. What are major gotcha's in this process?


      Any advice would be welcome.

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          Hi Scott,

          There are no native SQL migration tools with WHD. For example if you currently have 12.5 with an External MS SQL DB are are migrating to a new server with 12.7.1 and PostgreSQL there are no tools to migrate the data and configuration. Data such as Tickets, FAQs, Assets etc can be exported through the UI and imported to the new server but in essence you are starting with a fresh install of 12.7.1.


          If your existing instance is also running PostgreSQL you may have more options to 1st upgrade it to 12.7.1 and then move the DB to the new server and re-configure WHD to use the migrated DB.


          The WHD server migration guide may present more considerations for your specific configuration Success Center

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