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    SAM Exceeded Licenses




      We have exceeded our SAM License.  This means we have 560 Unlicensed Component Monitors.


      I am going to review and disable components to free up component licenses.   I do not see a disable button as was listed in one of the procedures:  Success Center


      Can someone direct me on how to disable the component monitors?


      Thanks for any help!


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          Are you trying to disable a component monitor that is part of an AppInsight template, such as AppInsight for IIS?  Due to the complexity of those templates, there are some component monitors that cannot be disabled, nor can you change default settings.


          Also, please note that AppInsight applications consume licenses at flat rates so the only way to reduce license count in regard to AppInsight is to disable the entire application monitor (that is, the template as it's assigned to a specific node). To learn more about licensing, see the SAM licensing model.


          I'll update that KB article to clarify.

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            Hi evans8182


            What you're looking for is the Maintenance Mode option:


            Go to Settings>All Settings>SAM Settings and click on Manage Application Monitors. Choose the parent template name you're looking to 'disable', and in the assigned template copies in the list to the right, you need to disable by checking the boxes next to them on the left of each server, and then click Maintenance Mode from the list of options at the top and choose Unmanage Now,


            That said, you may need to completely delete the child application copies from some servers to reduce the license consumption. I don't have access to my lab right now to confirm, but if you check the number of licensed components both before and after putting some into maintenance, you'll know.


            If the licensed component count does not go down, you'll have to remove them.

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