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    Monitor LDAP/S binds to active directory servers?


      Sorry but I am new to the Solarwinds product and here is a potentially very "noobish" question. I was tasked with monitoring all LDAP (389) and LDAPS (636) binds to our active directory servers. I am assuming the LDAP user experience monitor would help in accomplishing this but I do not have access/credentials to import the domain controllers into Solarwinds to be able to apply the monitor to them. Is this possible to do without the DC's being imported into Solarwinds?

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          Adding a node without having credentials will give you up/down status only. To perform any addiotnal type of monitoring on a node such as windows server will usually require credentials at some point in time, be that through the Orion UI when assiging a SAM component monitor or installing the optional agent. If you do not have credentials, a server admin can install the agent for you, Deploy agents to nodes.


          The LDAP User experience monitor can be assigned credentials but may not be absolutely neccsary depeding on your LDAP servers configuration. Also this component will not actually report the LDAP(S) binds, but rather will monitor the LDAP query response times so it may not be actually what you are looking for.


          Assuming you are running AD, The Active Directory Templates provided with SAM such as Active Directory 2008 R2 - 2012 Services and Counters may be more suitable as they provide LDAP Active Threads, Bind Time and Client Session monitoring, all of which will require credentials to the target OS. Alternatively the Open LDAP template uses Linux/Unix script monitors which will also require credentials.

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