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    Group is alerting, even though the nodes were placed in "maintenance mode"




      We ran into a situation last night that I am having problems figuring out why this happened. We have a regular "Node Down" monitoring created. On top of that, we also have group monitoring setup that combine couple of those nodes together and send an alert when both of the nodes are down.


      Our network engineer was doing some maintenance and scheduled maintenance mode on 2 nodes. I can see it in the log that he in-fact did that. Now, we also have a group that is setup for those 2 node to alert if BOTH of them are reporting as down at the same time. No problems there...however, during the maintenance, we still received an alert from the group, because the group was reporting as "down". Why would these nodes report anything if they were placed in "maintenance mode"?


      Thank you for any insight...

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          Maintenance mode could actually be two completely different things, unmanaged or muted.


          Muting stops the specific node object from triggering any alerts, but they still get polled and their statuses still change as normal.   The group is a different object and so it still had whatever alerts you set up for it.  There isn't currently an option to mute a group.


          Unmanaged in this case probably would work the way you had hoped, since both nodes would have changed to unmanaged and so the group would have inherited that same status as well, as long as your alert doesn't also trigger on unmanaged groups.

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              Thank you for your quick reply. I should probably mention it in my original post. I understand the difference and I would like to retain the polling, hence why 99% of the time we place nodes in maintenance mode by muting them instead of un-managing.


              What I am reading is, despite the node being placed on MUTE, it will still fire alert when it is in down state if it is a part of the group? That doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't that node be muted everywhere, even if a node is part of a group?


              Also, there seem to be an option to mute a group, if I go to Manage Groups, hover over the group, select "Command" and then click on "Mute Alerts"