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    Adding links to SolarWinds Email Alerts (ie Link to "Real-Time Event Viewer")


      I'm looking to make our SolarWinds a "one-stop shop". Currently our monitoring does its job and emails an alert as expected.

      What I would like to have is as much useful information in that email alert as possible. Namely, when an email alert comes in I would like the recipient to be able to have all (as much as) the data they would need to troubleshoot the issue.

      The template for the email alerts offers a URL link to bring you to the node, or the alert, or just to acknowledge the alert. What I would like to see would be a link to go directly to the "Real-Tme Event Log Viewer" .


      We're trying to push the use of this rather than an admin logging directly to a server, etc


      Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.