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    NCM_Firmware upgrade Operations_Running IOS upgrades


      HI THWACK Team,


        Expecting quick support and suggestions on NCM_Firmware upgrade Operations using for CISCO IOS_Upgrades which includes CISCO switches,Routers of Different Models.

        We have been practicing to do Firmware upgrade from Solarwinds to the CISCO devices which means we  are copying(Pre-push) IOS to the CISCO devices.

        While performing this Job we have experienced below.


      1)Delay in Copying : Taking 45 Minutes of time to copy IOS to the CISCO Network Devices.Hope this is the common behavior of solarwinds.

      2) Templates for Different Models:Identifying , downloading different templates for Copying IOS for different device models.

      3)Even though we have selected multiple jobs one job will performed / executed at  once.


      •   We have copied around  50+ devices using NCM(7.9 version) but our concern is Time.It should not be 35-45 minutes to copy IOS from solarwinds to the Device. Can any one help us on resolving means how could we reduce the time in performing a job in short time.
      •    Also looking for how to  run multiple jobs at a time means copying IOS to  multiple devices.