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    Today is my (THWACK) Anniversary



      It’s now been 11 years since I joined this community.  Eleven years – that’s longer than the length of many IT jobs.  For me, I joined the community to ask what I thought were stupid questions that didn’t qualify for actual support cases.


      What I found changed my life in ways I could have never predicted.  I found community, in the purest sense of the world.  My wife says that in THWACK and with SolarWinds, I found my tribe. 


      In the intervening 4,017 days, my career trajectory went far afield from where I saw it headed, but it’s been an amazing and wild ride.  From the outside, it’s easy to understand how THWACK has influenced my career, but let me pose this question: How has THWACK helped you and your career since you joined?

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          My anniversary is September 20, 2004. 


          Thwack's helped me get a lot more out of my Solarwinds products by being a place where I can:

          • Ask questions
          • Receive answers more quickly than provided by Solarwinds Support
          • Search for topics, phrases, commands, solutions
          • Download tools (pollers, reports, etc.) created by others and apply them to my environment
          • Learn about changes to product lines
          • Commiserate with my peers about problems my SW environment may be experiencing
          • Help others overcome their challenges by providing timely answers to their questions
          • Make suggestions to improve the product line
          • Earn points that let me get some useful (and non-useful) swag
          • Create a history of answers, questions, suggestions, and more that builds a reputation
          • Compete with others for points and status based on participation in many different areas
          • Submit white papers for review and sharing to make others' lives better
          • Be exposed to industry experts and products with which I'm not familiar
          • Learn best practices
          • Avoid mistakes, or correct them
          • Improve my team's ability to leverage the capabilities of SW products we own
          • Test new products and recommend them for purchase (or not)
          • Take a break from the stress of the day by researching some new technology topic.  e.g.:  Alternate Actuator:  The Bacon Edition
          • Let loose the muse:  https://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/solarwinds-community/geek-speak/blog/2019/02/04/network-flowetry?sr=search&searc…   or https://thwack.solarwinds.com/polls/2428?sr=search&searchId=89ba4fda-60a7-43df-b67c-67095a0a8890&searchIndex=2#comment-2…
          • Be entertained by the creative and nerdy ideas of people who think differently / better than I in so many other areas!
          • See how a product forum SHOULD be run.
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            THWACK has done so many things for me as a person and a professional, it's difficult to describe how thankful I am.


            - Never have to buy shirts, socks, or polos ever again

            - I've overcome my horrible presentation anxiety by speaking at SWUGs

            - THWACK has pushed me to learn new things like Powershell and APIs, far from the route/switch work I normally do

            - Found a sense of community that is so rare, and I cherish it

            - Also found hundreds of answers to questions that would otherwise be mysteries

            - There's something amazing about seeing your feedback make it into a product

            - It's rewarding when you're able to help someone who is in the same shoes you were wearing a few years ago

            - I've had the privilege of making many friends and I'll never forget the time we spend together at Solarwinds/THWACK events

            - I never would have tried limoncello because I hate lemon flavoring, yet here we are

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              I joined Thwack to get answers to questions I had. Little did I know that I would be helping others solve problems, get lots of free stuff, meet new people and learn heaps along the way!


              Thwack is thwacktastic

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                Richard Phillips

                We're glad to have you hear, you bring a lot to the community.


                I agree that Thwack is a true community. When I first joined Thwack I was not expecting a lot. Pretty much every IT community that I have been a part if makes great promises, but in the end provides a stale, non-active little more than FAQ list, lethargic website. Thwack has many active people ready and willing the help and take on others challenges. I've found it fun to be a part of Thwack and both give an take from the community.