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    95th Percentile Traffic Rate – Last Month (Custom by Node)


      This is based on the the SWQL 95th Percentile Traffic Rate – Last Month report and now using SQL. I would like to be able to group the data by month summarizing all historical data.



      n.Caption as NodeName,

      format(DateTime,'MM/yyyy') as Report_Date,

      Max(In_Averagebps) as maxInMaxbps,

      Max(Out_Averagebps) as maxOutMaxbps,

      (CASE WHEN Max(Out_Averagebps) > Max(In_Averagebps) THEN Max(Out_Averagebps) ELSE Max(In_Averagebps) END) AS Maxbps,

      -- ((CASE WHEN Sum(Out_Averagebps) > Sum(In_Averagebps) THEN Sum(Out_Averagebps) ELSE Sum(In_Averagebps) END) / i.InterfaceSpeed) as SustainedUtilization

      i.interfacespeed as IF_Speed_bps


      InterfaceTraffic as it

      Inner Join Nodes as n ON it.NodeID = n.NodeID

      Inner Join Interfaces as i ON n.NodeID = i.NodeID

      Where i.WAN = 1

      Group By