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    Connector Discovery Failed


      I'm trying to add a syslog node (Synology NAS) and receiving this error.



      I rebooted the SEM host and tried to add the node again, and got the same message.


      Any ideas? Has anyone else had issues with adding connectors? I'm on v2019.4.


      I'm fairly new to this system, so I'm not even sure where to look to obtain more info about the error. Nothing seems to have been logged under "LEM Internal Events". I'm combing through log files via ssh using Appliance->Checklogs, but so far, nothing has any information that is seemingly pertinent to this error.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated! In the meantime, I'm going to keep diggin'.

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          Can you confirm what facility (e.g. local1, local2, etc) the Synology device is transmitting logs to? Using the checklogs command you should be able to browse to that facility and validate that syslog from Synology is hitting the facility. Once you get that far, we can concentrate on getting the connector started to parse the logs.