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    Cisco ASA Download Config Command within Device Template


      Hello All,


      I've been trying to set up automatic backups using the Solarwinds NCM web interface on a few of my client's ASA devices. When attempting to alter the Device Template on the Transfer Status page, I am unsure what command to use for the "Download Config Command:" (screenshot attached). The default "show ${ConfigType}" fails, and I'm stumped as to what to replace it with. I have tried the following as commands without success:


      show ${ConfigType}

      more ${ConfigType}

      copy ${ConfigType} tftp://<IP address of Solarwinds Appliance>

      show system:running-config (ignoring the ${ConfigType} variable entirely)

      show run (ignoring the ${ConfigType} variable entirely)


      Would anyone who has had an issue like this and resolved it be willing to provide some assistance? Again, this only happens on ASAs, other Cisco gear does not present this problem. Download Config Command