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    "EncryptQueue is full" and Java out of memory errors


      Just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issues I am currently facing. Currently running SEM 2019.4 and am facing issues with 100% cpu utilization and an unresponsive SEM console. If I open the watchlog, I see issues with java out of memory, and Encryptqueue is full. I need to restart the manager to get back into it, but shortly after that happens the manager crashes again. I have tried adding resources (even though our environment hasn't really changed) to no avail. On older stable versions of LEM we were able to get away with 2 CPU + 8GB RAM. We have since upped the resources to 4 CPU + 32GB RAM and it made no difference.


      Long story short, we have been paying for a product that we haven't been able to use. Recently I needed to run some reports, and wasn't able to because the manager is unresponsive. I've had a support case open since September 12, 2019 (Case # 00386757), and they haven't been able to find a resolution. Anyone have any ideas? Currently have all rules disabled per Solarwinds, and the problems are still occuring.