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    Non-Agent Nodes


      First - I'm having issues with my Netbotz not showing up as a "node" in the SEM console.


      I can see the logs in "local0", so I know they're reaching the SEM appliance. I've configured the APC InfraStruXure connector on my appliance. Still, the Netbotz device isn't showing as a Non-Agent node, and the log information is nowhere to be found.


      Second - My Synology NAS Device is talking to the SEM; however, my log data shows up in the LEM Internal Events as "Unmatched Synology Data ($Revision: #4 $)". The connector update says that my connectors are all current.


      What did I miss?


      Any advice anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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          First Netbotz.  It may be logging in a different format than what was covered with APC InfraStruXure.  Possibly a new connector request.  I would contact support.

          Second Synology.  Unmatched data means it is something we have not seen before and may or may not have the same format of what was in there.  Various reason for this can occur: Synology has a new version and things are logged a little differently for the regular expressions to be able to match or the data is something we have never seen before and there is no pattern to Normalize it properly.  Make sure you have updated your connectors to the latest and if you continue to get unmatched data I would contact support.


          Hope that helps out.

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