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    Can't identify dynamic column definitions from script output


      I'm trying to execute a linux script from the Linux/ Unix Script application template but during the test script, I was getting the error


      Here's the script.


      schools=(hc qb bm bc cc sp bx kb nc ny qc mg ho lc bb yk si jj lg lu)
      apps=(Dashboard ScribeUI StudentPlanner dwShell dwServices TransferFinder)
      curl -k --user test:testtest http://${HOSTNAME}.test.com:8080/manager/text/start?path=/dwServices%5Ftf
      for app in ${apps[@]}; do
          for code in ${schools[@]}; do
              curl -k --user test:testtest http://${HOSTNAME}.test.test:8080/manager/text/start?path=/${app}%5F${code}
      echo "Message: Houston, we have a problem\n"
      echo "Statistic: 0 \n"



      ND Get Output Failed:

      Can't identify dynamic column definitions from script output. Please, check if script output has properly formatted unique identifiers.




      Not sure what this error is. Not much of a programmer myself but I've been busting my head getting it to work. It works when logging into the server normally.