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    SAM - How to organize nodes ?


      first of all im new to solarwinds, have only been using the product for roughly 3 months, so please be nice LOL-


      Goodmorning all,


      This a loaded, yet, very vague question. Im just looking for general guidance/suggestions/tips. I have been tasked with organizing all nodes our agency currently has in SAM. They have alerts set up and have been configured properly. I have no idea how to even start or where to begin although I have done a little bit of research on the subject. We are likely going to start at the top being the "IT Services and business services" , then work our way down to application, then to environment (PRD,DR,QA) etc.


      What are some ways that you all have structured your organizations nodes ?


      What are some ways that you all have structured nodes under different teams within your organization?


      Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks everyone.