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    Statistics about permissions processed by ARM


      Hi there,

      is it possible to get a statistic that says for instance how many permissions where set by ARM in a certain time?

      if not, what about a statistics resport about that?




        • Re: Statistics about permissions processed by ARM

          You could use the following workarounds…


          1. Select the time period in the Logbook view and activate the 'Permission changed' filter. This won't give you a sum of all changes but changes per day that you can use to get a first idea.



          1. Use the ARM Logbook report (click on 'Report' on the right side in the Logbook view).
          2. Select the time period.
          3. Define 'Permission changed' as action.
          4. Choose 'XLSX' as output format.
          5. In the generated report each row represents a 'permission change' which can easily be counted.


          However, keep in mind these are just workarounds. Therefore I would appreciate if you could create a feature request and describe the use case in more detail.