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    Dynamic Orion Maps


      Hello all,


      I have a question that I'm having difficulty in coming up with a solution. I'm hoping others might have experienced the same situation and can share their experiences or ideas.


      First a little background. I use SAM as an MSP. Meaning, I offer my customers a monitoring service that is provided from my SAM instance. The portion I'm having a little difficulty on is creating a dashboard for each of my customers. They are segmented by custom properties and account limitations. I really like the idea of providing them with their own Orion Map of their environment. This can be either based on total environment or focused on per application.


      I started trying out ADM for the dynamically generated maps, but I had to quickly disable it as it was causing significant performance issues. The guidelines on that (as far as I'm aware) is that ADM really should be limited to 500 node to node dependencies and 200 app to app or app to node dependencies. I quickly surpassed that so I had to disable ADM globally.


      I then started to create each customer their own view with their own specific Orion map on the main view. I quickly found out that this idea is very time consuming and a challenge to manage as the SAM environment grows over time.


      I've now circled back to trying to create a single "customer" view and have all the widgets and data displayed be dynamic based on their account limitation. This is somewhat successful, but as you can imagine, it's pretty limiting on what I can display. I can't use custom queries because those are all static and I can't pass them variables. I can use the custom table widget as that does allow this.


      I've seen some improvements in the latest 4.2019 RC regarding maps, but I still don't think it would help my situation, hence this post and question.


      Is there anyway (or any plans in the roadmap for Orion) to be able to create a single Orion Map that contains dynamic objects? Ideally, I would like to create a single map on my single customer view, that will update dynamically based on what objects have a certain custom property (customername).


      Can anyone think of a way to achieve this?

      Thanks for taking a look and giving this some thought. I greatly appreciate it.

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          In an MSP situation id be seriously looking at the SDK as a way to turn repetitive and time consuming tasks into scripts that run automatically.   With most of my clients I set them up so that they build a base dashboard template, then the script iterates through all the unique values of custom property and creates a clone of that template view and automatically filters it for each copy.   That gives you a simple easy to deliver baseline dashboard view but also maintains the ability to manually edit views per clients request without it breaking everyone else's experience.


          The mapping tool is not "there" yet for your use case and I suspect that it would never really be perfect for what you want.