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    Script variables not parsing?


      I figured this should work as a test but it doesn't

      I simply created a script, then run this script against a node


      :log warning "Script Test Start"

      :log warning "Node IP is ${N=SwisEntity;M=IP_Address}"

      :log warning "Node IP also is ${IP}"

      :log warning "Script Test End"


      since i'm only getting 2 log entries, it looks like it's literally pasting those characters in (which is an invalid command and gets rejected)

      I also tried this in a compliance rule by simply entering

      /ip address find where address=${N=SwisEntity;M=IP_Address}

      Expecting when I hit test and point to a config file it would show i.e.

      /ip address find where address=


      But again it shows the literal text, not an IP address


      Am I doing something wrong here?

      I need to be able to run compliance reports and find some particular lines that use the primary/loopback address of nodes. And if those lines don't exist, NCM will create them. So scripting is necessary here as it'll be run against hundreds of routers