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    Cleaning up LEM Internal Events




      I'm currently running SEM 6.7.1, and under the LEM Internal Events tab I'm receiving about 1000 events a minute. All the events are pretty much the same and have the same basic layout as follows:


      NAME: InternalWarning


      EVENT INFO: 2:The system cannot find the file specified.


      DETECTION IP: Mostly user computers, but the occasional server as well.


      Under the details we get some slight variation, but they all seem to be windows based:


      ToolAlias: Windows System -or- Vista Security -or- Windows Application


      ProviderSID: FastCenter normal error


      Component: Windows System -or- Vista Security -or- Windows Application



      This seems to be a pretty useless log that's just cluttering everything else up. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of it or if I'm wrong and this log is actually very useful and the fact that I'm receiving so many indicates an issue in my environment.





        • Re: Cleaning up LEM Internal Events

          You are actually running into a fixed issue that some were running into with an update that happened from Microsoft on Windows 10.

          • I would make sure you are on the latest version which is 6.7.2 and make sure that agent is on the latest 6.7.2 version as well.  That should solve your issue.
            • Other option, after getting your manager and agent to 6.7.2,  is to remake the windows connector that you are getting this error on.
            • If it is not fixed at that point you could call into support and have them help you out.