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    Auto populate IP Address description node


      Can IPAM auto populate ip address description that already managed by NPM?


      For example, we add Cisco Switches into NPM as well as the network management subnet into IPAM. Can IPAM auto fill the description of the ip addresses used by switch's management IP address?

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          If you have UDT this might be more possible, but I don't have that running so I am not qualified to think about what UDT can do, but my default answer is not really, but I'd bet we can still do stuff that makes your life better.


          I also might misunderstand the question, I am assuming that IPAM discovers "stuff" that you want to use on an interface label on an Orion device. So, first I want to know where in Orion you want to pull data from and where do you want to use it or see it so that I can answer better.

          What I can imagine is that you find out what a device is in an IPAM sweep, maybe it has the DNS populated for the device, you know that IP is off a switch port in Orion, either through CDP or the routing table. Something like that. You then want to punch the discovered dns name onto the interface.


          Personally, I'd make an interface custom property for this, and use PowerShell and SWQL to pull and push the information, and maybe set that script as a scheduled task to keep it current. If that sounds about right, I can help you if you want to try it.