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    custom report - disk growth per node


      Hi Guys,


      I'm newbie in the solarwinds world, we've just started using this product. I'd like to create report which shows per node disk growth of all file system or drives and shows the difference in Gig. say if i run a report to report me the disk growth on a particular node/server last six month it should report me disk growth in Gig by adding all those months data and showing me the difference showing me C drive was 20 gi six months ago and now its 60Gig so the difference is 40G if that make sense. Also add those differences and report me the per node disk growth. ... i appreciate your help.




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          Can i get some update on this please?

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            I built a similar-sounding widget to report drive space growth over time with the assistance of excellent Thwack contributors; it might be useful to you. 


            My Solarwinds APE's were running out of space on their C: drives due to a problem with Solarwinds JobEngine.V2 getting hung and not purging automatically.  Eventually the APE would hang due to having no space on the local drive.


            I put the finished widget on my front page of NPM and it looks like this:


            I posted how to build this in Thwack here:




            Hopefully it'll give you enough information to be able to recreate it, and to modify it to best fit your needs.


            Swift packets!


            Rick Schroeder

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              You might find your NPM environment already has the information you need--IF you're monitoring / polling your servers.  Go to Reports > All Reports.  On the far right side, near the top, use the search box and type in the word "disk" and then click the magnifying glass to search for reports with Disk information.


              If you're lucky, the right report might already be built.  If you're even luckier, you've already been monitoring all your servers and their volumes; their information will be in the reports without any additional work on your part.