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    Fast Way to filter KB




      Is there a fast way to filter Updates using the KB numbers?


      If I select view "All Updates" and I want to filter for KB number then I can do that only AFTER all updates are shown.

      But this view never successes because of a timeout (the Datagrid Service has a high cpu usage during this). A wsus cleanup didn't help.


      I would like to have an Update view, which only requests Updates for special kb numbers.

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          Unfortunately it is not possible to create a custom update view based on KB numbers, it's only possible to filter after all the updates are shown. Do you need to filter based on KB number across all updates? You could create a custom view with a limited set of updates, e.g. by classification, production and release date and then filter by KB from there. That would likely be much quicker than filtering all updates, which could be several thousand updates.